About Us

Freedom Studios is a boutique digital agency that creates beautiful WordPress websites that work.

We don’t work from a central office but rather are spread out in various locations
which gives us the flexibility to be creative and work in the absolute best environment.

Experience speaks for itself… Freedom Studios is ten years old and we for one are very excited to be entering our tween years where we hope to continue learning, growing and developing into an agency that produces the best results possible for our amazing clients.


We don’t do rush jobs.

Rush jobs tend to become half-jobs and with us this is not an option.

We spend a little extra time ensuring that your project is perfect.

If you are only interested in us meeting deadlines – we are not the company to use.


We value you.

Our clients are not computer generated numbers, they are like family and we treat them that way.

In this digital age where everything is instant, automated and impersonal, we aim to give good old-fashioned courtesy and strive for real working relationships with our clients.

Arm Wrestle

We don’t have competition.

We don’t regard other creative studios as competition, but rather as colleagues or brothers.

We don’t feel threatened or edgy because we are absolutely confident in our abilities and in the strong bonds we have with our clients.


Our commitment to you.

  • Consideration: We endeavour to be kind and courteous in all your dealings with us.
  • Conscientiousness: We will try our utmost to meet all your targets with excellent service delivery.
  • Concern: We will become your friends and go out of our way to assist where we can, even if there is no gain for us.

Our code of ethics.

We insist on abiding by a strict code of ethics.

We are not perfect, we make mistakes and we are continually learning, but there is a code by which we like to abide.

You can see the Freedom Studios code of ethics here.

Set a Price

Can you put a price on excellence?

We aim to add value to your business and would love to become a strategic partner assisting you on your road to success.

A wholesome, beneficial, long-term relationship is what we are after. Let’s grow old together.