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So you want a professionally designed WordPress website that makes you look like the super hero you are but you don’t have the bucks to play with the big boys? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Professional WordPress websites are not only reserved for the elite or those with mammoth budgets, they are available to all. You just need to know the right people.

Are you just starting out? Perhaps you’re an owner small business that is steadily growing and you’ve discovered you need a new website that works for you and is easy to maintain. You’re tired of the work of amateurs but you don’t have the cash for a custom designed solution.

Fear not. It’s your lucky day. We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our WordPress theme website solution gives you a professionally designed and developed website at a fraction of the cost compared to custom websites. The news gets better – you get most of the same features too.

We told you we’ll teach you how to fly. Contact us now [icon type=”arrow-circle-right”].

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Our WordPress theme websites start at R25,000 and include:
  • Purchasing of professional WordPress theme template
  • WordPress installation and setup
  • Setting up permalink structure
  • Adding pinglist
  • Custom menu creation
  • Setup of custom theme and theme options
  • News / Blog setup
  • Relevant plugin setup
  • Populating the website with content

Specialized plugins provide the following features:
  • Anti-Spam on comments
  • SEO Tools for every page
  • Google Analytics
  • Image galleries
  • Responsive image sliders
  • Page caching to improve load time
  • Advanced online forms
  • Video & PDF training manual

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We love WordPress. Once you start using it you will love it too. We also look after WordPress websites making sure they are secure, regularly backed up and well maintained. See our WordPress Help service here [icon type=”arrow-circle-right”]