5 key components which maximise the impact of a Facebook Page

As of June 22 2017, Facebook reached a new milestone of 2 billion users, making the social media platform an essential part of any marketing plan.  Facebook makes this possible with Facebook Pages, giving your brand a voice and facilitating connecting with your target market.

We take a look at 5 key components to help maximise the impact of your Facebook Page.

1 – Facebook Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the first thing that you visitor sees on your page.  By optimising your cover photo you increase the impression and impact of your page, inviting your visitor to engage further with your Page and your brand.

The specifications which Facebook recommends for the cover photo are:  851 px wide, 315 px tall and under 100 kb in size.

2 – Customise your Facebook URL

Facebook allows you to create a unique user name for your business page.  This can be done by either clicking on the @YourCompanyName link which can be found under your company name or in the About Tab on your Facebook Page.  This makes your page easier to find.

If the name is already taken, you will need to select a name as close to your company name as possible.

3 – Call to Action Button

Facebook provides a selection of CTA buttons which can be selected according to your business and Facebook Page objectives.  This button appears on your Facebook cover, enabling visitors to make a booking, contact you, get information – depending on the button displayed.

4 – Parameters of activity on the Page

By clicking on the settings tab at the top of the page, you can specify the type of actions allowed on your page.  This may include rules about whether or not visitors are able to post directly onto your page.

This section also allows you to select your preferred audience.  Here you can specify age, gender, interests, languages and geographical location.  In this way, you can guide Facebook to serve your posts to your ideal audience.

Additionally, this section gives you access to the About Tab (which can also be accessed on the left-hand tab of your Facebook Page).  This allows you to provide information about your brand so that your visitor can learn more about your company.

By completing as much detail as possible you provide greater insight into your brand and establish a solid foundation for connecting with your target market.  Used correctly, together with essential components, your Facebook Page can play a strategic role in accessing your ideal customer, creating brand awareness and establishing solid relationships which help build your business.


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