Uptime Monitoring – Why this is Important & When to Change Hosting Providers

At the time of writing there were over 2 million search results for web hosting providers. One of the things that you will often see mentioned when searching for a hosting provider for your website is uptime monitoring. Basically, uptime means how often your website is “up.” A website that crashes regularly will not rank highly in search engines. Hence, uptime is important.

If your website is down, visitors to your website, people who might be potential clients, won’t be able to find out information about your business. It’s entirely possible that this one bad experience, if they try to visit your website and it was down, is enough for you to lose a customer. So, obviously, it’s important that your website is up and running as much as possible.

Google is monitoring whether your website is up, so you should too. They don’t want your potential clients to have a frustrating experience. You shouldn’t want your clients to have a bad experience either, so you shouldn’t skimp on hosting. A good web hosting company will provide you with an uptime guarantee. They will guarantee that your website is up most the time. You should be looking at web hosting companies that provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Whilst it’s great that a hosting company will promise you an uptime guarantee, we recommend that you look at your own uptime monitoring tools. You want to make sure that your web hosting provider is giving you the service that you are paying for. If their uptime doesn’t reach the guaranteed amount you should either look at getting a refund for that month’s hosting and, if it’s happening too regularly, you should look at changing hosting providers.

Checking your uptime doesn’t mean religiously checking your website every 5 minutes. There are tools that do this monitoring for you automatically and provide you reports.

If you would like some advice on the uptime for your website and help ensuring you have the best hosting available, please get in touch today.


Uptime monitoring sorted.

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