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Have you ever wanted a website, but were just unable to afford one? Ever wish you could just do it yourself and push developers and web-designers and all their silly jargon out the window? With Berrry, our new easy as pie website builder, it’s possible to do just that!

What is Berrry?

Berrry is a HTML & CSS based website building tool that is so easy to use, anyone can use it. You don’t have to know how to code or develop websites to be able to use Berrry, you just need access to a computer and the internet and you can get started. Because Berrry is NOT a flash builder, this means your website will be completely HTML based, which means it will be indexed by search engines and viewable on iPad and smart phones. And best of all is – you can do it yourself!


Why we started Berrry?

At Freedom Studios we pride ourselves in not bamboozling our clients with clever speech or building websites that nobody can manage. Because of our business ethic in helping clients to manage their websites themselves, we began with building WordPress websites, but noticed that only a portion of our target market could afford Custom Designed WordPress sites, we then made it a little easier and affordable for our clients bringing clients the option of setting up Premium WordPress Themes sourced from reputable Theme suppliers.

We still noticed that a percentage of our market was not being catered for, namely small businesses, entrepreneurs & non-profit organizations in South Africa. Now in partnering with a reputable company in the United Kingdom, we are now the first in Africa and South Africa to bring Berrry, a powerful website builder platform to the South African Market. We can now proudly say that we do now cater for all types of South African businesses, from the smallest entrepreneur to large corporations.

[blockquote]Berrry is a tool to help anyone create an online presence that is worth thousands of rands  – you get an agency class website at a fraction of the cost with the ability to build and manage the website yourself. Building a website with Berrry is affordable to all South African businesses.[/blockquote]

What does it cost?

Berrry is so affordable even start-ups and entrepreneurs with limited amount of capital can create their own website within minutes. Our plans start from as little as R75 per month, click here to see for yourself. There are 3 different packages to suit almost every pocket in our current South African business market: from entrepreneurs, to start-up businesses, freelance photographers to sports clubs, spaza shop owners to taxi drivers can now afford to have a beautifully designed website and an online presence that will increase awareness of what they have to offer.

With the amount of new businesses opening daily in South Africa, Berrry can be used as a tool for these businesses to mark a place for themselves on the ever-expanding Internet. With Social Media now growing like wild-fire and the use of Tablet devices increasing, no one can really afford not to be online or without a website in today’s business market.

Is the Berrry website builder easy to use?

Berrry is intuitive and simple. If you know how to type a document in Word or upload a photo to Facebook, you’ll know how to create a website using Berrry.  Berrry comes with everything you need to build a website. You can choose a Berrry web address or use a custom one of your choice (subject to availability). Hosting is included so no having to fiddle about with servers or anything complicated like that. Berrry websites are HTML – this is great for getting indexed on search engines like Google and Bing.

Berrry makes it possible for you to change colours and fonts, or your website template at the touch of a button, whilst adding text, pictures, music and video is child’s play. You can also enrich your site with social media features, maps, contact forms and even e-commerce functionality. No technical knowledge is needed.

If you’re still unsure of how to build a website, using Berrry, sign up for our free trial package and simply follow our short step-by-step website creation guide. Choose from hundreds of website templates, add your details and you’re done. Once you click ‘publish’ your site is live on the Internet – it really is that simple! If you like using Berrry, you can easily switch over to a paid plan, and best of all, just for that you could stand a chance to win an Apple iPad.

Can web designers customise it?

Berrry is easy to get started with, but it is also powerful enough to be the tool of choice for website designers around the world. With built-in design tools you can create completely unique websites, and our powerful editor can give advanced users access to the code (HTML5 and CSS3) so they can make the finishing touches they need. E-commerce sites no longer have to be expensive endeavours, with Berrry an e-commerce site is simply a few clicks away. At present only the PayPal module will be of benefit to South Africans, but we are in discussion to get support for some South African payment gateways.

Berrry’s basic goal is to get South African businesses online, improve their reach, their relevance and their revenue. We want to keep South African companies in business and reduce the number of businesses having to close because of our current economic climate. Now everyone can afford to have an online presence! Go on, you know you want to give it a try!



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