6 reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has some 500 million users 1 of its business-focused social network, with 4,000,000 monthly active Australian Users recorded in May 2017 2

Used correctly, LinkedIn is a networking tool which can facilitate expansion of your customer base while establishing your company as a thought leader.

If you have not already joined the ranks of the 13 million + businesses on LinkedIn, then the time may just be right to consider joining this global business platform in order to optimise access to your ideal audience.

We take a look at 6 reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn:

1 – Networking Opportunities

As LinkedIn caters for the business community, establishing your brand on the platform enables your company to network with current and prospective clients.

There are many networking opportunities such as commenting on an article posted by a relevant company or a topic that deals relating to your industry.

2 – Position your brand as a thought leader

Joining groups and forums on LinkedIn which correspond to your company’s industry facilitates connecting with people who are likely to fit in your ideal target market.

Forums and groups provide an ideal way to interact with other members of the group, creating an opportunity to establish your company as an authority by contributing and adding value to the discussions.  By sharing your ideas, comments or even assisting people in the group, you establish your business as a thought leader in your particular field, positioning your brand as a valuable and trustworthy resource.

3 – Establish credibility

Having a Company Page on LinkedIn enables you to share information about your company and provide insight into your business, enabling your target audience to learn about your company and its offerings.

Showing images and including details about your brand further establishes trust and credibility.  In this way, you can show your company as being transparent, establishing your brand’s credibility which further sets the foundation for cultivating potential clients.

Additionally, by supplying creative, valuable content such as white papers, eBooks and case studies, you can provide content which provides a solution to problems most often experienced by your prospects, assisting your ideal customers while establishing your brand’s trustworthiness in the process.

4 – Improving your ranking in search engines.

LinkedIn company pages rank highly on Google Results Page.  By optimising your company profile for SEO, you can improve your company’s ranking on the Google search results page.

At the top of the description field, list your most important keywords and phrases separated by a symbol, such as an asterisk (*).  Make sure your text does not exceed more than around 100 characters (including spaces and symbols).

A Showcase Page has its own followers, status updates and objectives, with a product or offering which caters for its own unique target market.  Showcase pages are listed in the right column of your company page.

5 – Build awareness of your company

Your Company Page and Showcase Pages provide an ideal avenue for sharing information about your brand and your offering.  By providing compelling content about your company, you establish your company presence, creating awareness of your offering while reaching your ideal audience.

6 – Expand your network and your relationships

Organic content, both in the form of your posts, content uploaded on your Showcase Page can facilitate engagement with your brand.

However, to enhance this connection and increase your brand impact and reach, you will need campaign-based strategies, using LinkedIn’s paid options such as Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and display advertising products.


LinkedIn serves as a platform where professionals go to stay connected and informed.  Maximising the different avenues and opportunities afforded by the LinkedIn channel means creating opportunities to reach your ideal customers, facilitating new relationships which expand your influence and your network, building your business through high-quality leads.


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2 https://www.socialmedianews.com.au/social-media-statistics-australia-may-2017/



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