Boost your LinkedIn appeal with these 5 strategic tips

As the world’s largest online business network, LinkedIn reaches some 313 million members, with *3.8 million of those members living in South Africa. So, it follows that as a business or an employee, it’s a no-brainer why you need to make sure you’ve got an online presence on this platform. Not only does it create an additional source of trust, but it illustrates your services and sills.

This can facilitate different kinds of career opportunities – from finding a new job or new client to a speaking engagement or partnership. By using best practices with your LinkedIn Profile, you can advertise your current projects and services while providing a means of contact for other relevant opportunities.

Five of the top strategies are as follows:

  1. Make a visually appealing Profile
    Use a headshot photograph of yourself. Even if you don’t use a professional photographer, make sure your picture has a degree of sophistication as it creates an impression of you and your skills.
  1. Create a compelling introduction
    Use your professional headline, under your name, to create a compelling elevator pitch of up to 120 characters.
  1. Strut your stuff
    Upload a link or examples of your work under your work history details. This can include images, YouTube Videos, presentations and the like.   List your projects or certificates to illustrate additional competency.
  1. Reach out and Connect
    Once your profile is in place, strategically connect to your existing professional and personal contacts. If someone you don’t know sends you a request, you may wish to view their profile before accepting it.
  1. Maintain a presence
    Share links or publish a post to keep in touch with your connections.

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*Fuseware and World Wide Worx Social Media Report 2015

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