4 creative ways to use your Company Page LinkedIn banner

The LinkedIn banner appears along with your company logo at the top of your LinkedIn Company Page. The banner creates a context or your logo and company, providing insight into your brand’s services and offerings.

Used as a vehicle to attract attention and interest through images and messages, the banner can be used strategically to differentiate your company from competitors.

Freedom Studios takes a look at 5 creative ideas to maximise the impact of your LinkedIn Banner:

1 – A collage of different scenes

Using a visual display of different photographs allows a brand to tell a story about the company and establish a relationship with the audience via the brand message and images which provide insight into the company’s ethos.

Using a theme such as a special upcoming holiday such as Christmas or a commemorative day such as Australia Day provides a cohesive impact which facilitates continuity and clarity, making the story relatable, direct and accessible for your audience.

2 – Brand Symbol

Certain companies have symbols of mascots which make the brand instantly recognisable. For example, if you see Mickey Mouse …. you think of Disney; if you see a silhouette of a koala bear … you think of Australia.

Using an image which is strongly associated with your brand provides the opportunity to show off your company’s personality while reinforcing your company’s appeal with your audience.

3 – Company Team

The LinkedIn banner makes an ideal place to provide insight into your company’s ethos by featuring an image of the team which make up the brand. This can be used to show potential employees an overview of the type of people at the company and the camaraderie between them, encouraging people to want to join the team.

It also makes your brand more relatable to the customer, showing the human side of your business.

4 – Current offerings

Just like profiling your company’s team, the banner also provides an ideal place to promote your latest product or conference. Any new offering, be it in the form of a service or product can be featured on the banner. If you have an upcoming workshop or conference, the banner serves as a platform to create awareness about it, making it easy for anyone visiting your company page to keep up to date with current brand events and offerings.

As LinkedIn continues to extend its reach into the business world with 4 million companies globally and a third of Australians using LinkedIn, having a company page and maximising your banner is an essential part of content marketing for all brands.


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