Why should you start a Blog?

Your Blog Tells People About What You Do.

Remember, other people, don’t know what you do. You need to tell them! Blogging helps you to do this! Blogging also shows people your knowledge in the area you’re an expert in. Often times people stop before they even start and discourage themselves from writing or creating a blog, because they feel they can’t write – that’s nonsense. I believe that anyone can be a good writer – provided they stick to writing about the stuff they know.

You Can Teach Others & Learn Something In The Process!

How can you learn something by teaching others? Its simple! Blogging allows others to interact with you by leaving comments on each of your blog posts. So you do the teaching by writing a blog and teaching others about what you do and you start learning when they begin leaving comments on your blog. They’ll begin telling you what they do differently and how and why they do it differently from you! And that’s when you start learning. It’s so much fun to blog and interact with others in this way. Write about what you learn and in turn teach others! Remember you are an expert in your field and you do know something that somebody else wants to learn. Blogging will help you to write about it and teach somebody else.

It Can Start A Discussion

Sometimes writing about something can start a discussion, or you can even begin one by posing a question to those who would read your blog. And so your blog can become an ongoing talk about a relative topic.

Make Business Contacts All Over The World.

Blogging helps you to network with other people in your field. Or is a great way of meeting up with people who would need what you offer at some point. The more you blog the greater your chance of networking by allowing others to comment on your  blog and you commenting on their blogs, you begin to meet people and possibly people who will follow your blog and become your customers. Never under estimate the power of reading other people’s blogs. Always remember to leave a comment with a link back to your blog! That way you’ll begin a rich cross-referencing network which can even boost your website’s Search Engine Rankings.

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