Why WordPress is a winner as a Content Management System

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ordpress. A lot of people think it’s just blogging software, but don’t be fooled. WordPress packs quite a punch and can be used as a website’s complete content management system.

W3C Standard Compliant

This is probably the most important feature WordPress can have if it is to be used as a content management system. This means that WordPress meets all the criteria set by the W3C. If you’re going to create a website, well a website you want to be taken seriously, you have to comply with strict criteria set for the World Wide Web.

Most Web Hosts Support WordPress

If you’re going to build something, you have to make sure it can be hosted properly. And with WordPress being as popular as it is, most Web Hosts Support WordPress. The best thing about WordPress is that it works in all browsers on all platforms.

Easy to Customize

WordPress has a flexible theme structure. You can create multiple layouts and apply them to any section of the site! It can  be customized to display on mobile devices. You can even customize your own URLs within the admin panel. And there are WordPress plugins for just about anything! So it’s possible to give your website as much functionality as you want! With WordPress the possibilities are endless! You can even set up multiple users with multiple levels of control on your site!

Quick & Easy to Upgrade

WordPress lets you know when it’s time to upgrade. Simply click on the link provided and it’s all done for you. Easy as pie.

SEO Friendly

WordPress, with the help of a plugin, lets Search Engines know when your site has been updated! It does it all for you! So you can edit your site as much as you want and can rest assured the information you add to your site will be made available to top Search Engines on the web.

Easy to Use

With WordPress you have control over just about everything that displays on your site! You can create password protected areas & members only sections.

You don’t have to know any code to be able to use it, just follow the easy on screen instructions and it works pretty much like any word processing application. And if you get stuck, there are even video tutorials to help you on your way again. Everything is easier with WordPress. You can even begin working on a page and finish it later, with its “save as a draft” option. Posts & updates take effect immediately – as you update your site, the information goes live.

WordPress Also Includes…

Pages & Posts, which separates the blog from the website. WordPress also tracks your Post & Page revisions giving you a history of changes you’ve made to your content. RSS feeds are included with no setup necessary, as well as built in media area for images & documents. The built in link manager makes it easy to add a resource section to your site. And with all the powerful functions WordPress allows developers to put all sorts of information into the site!

Here’s the big thing.

WordPress is completely open source. What this means is that the code is free to download, use and modify for whatever reason. Because of this so many plugins and themes exist and the beauty is that there are so many designers and developers using it, your website never has to stagnate ever again.

There are over 32 million WordPress publishers on the web, and with this type of user friendly functionality, isn’t it time you plugged into the WordPress family?

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