5 tips on writing impactful posts for LinkedIn

A LinkedIn post is basically a status update – letting your audience know what’s news with your brand and sharing new updates about significant developments in your industry and company.  It is also an ideal place to feature a short yet powerful message which can make your brand relatable, encouraging dialogue and interaction which can eventually generate a lead and lead to a sale.

Company updates should ideally be made every day in order to create a rapport with your audience as a means of creating interest and starting a conversation with potential leads.

We look at the 5 top ways to create an impactful LinkedIn post which engages your audience and promotes your brand:

1 – Content

Post content which is relevant to your audience rather than using the post as a means to advertise your products or services.  If you have a new product, then discuss it in the context of its relevance to your audience while avoiding being overly promotional and salesy.

Provide information on the particular challenges and possible solutions which are relevant to your audience to help position your company as a thought leader in your industry.

2 – Industry News

While you want to keep focus on your company, it is important to include industry news among your posts as well.  This helps create variety in your LinkedIn content, showing your company within a wider framework.

Additionally, this helps your audience keep up to date with the latest industry developments (making your brand a go to choice to get current information).

3 – Influencers

If you have any connections with influencers who may be guest writers for your brand or may even work for your company, then you may want to mention them in the post, placing the ‘@’ character before their name in order to tag them into the post.

4 – Post format

Grab your reader’s attention with a captivating headline.  Your post is appearing in the newsfeed with other posts, so any content which is concise and interesting has a better chance of being noticed.

Questions provide a means of creating interaction and establishing a connection with your audience.

Use keywords to motivate your audience to read the post and click the link to the article.

5 – Images

Images are key to engagement, generally resulting in 98% higher comment rate.

Visuals can include images, video links to third party sites such as YouTube or CNBC.  Visuals provide an added dimension to your copy, making it more relatable and providing greater insight into the nature of the post.

Include your logo (usually in one of the bottom corners of your image) to expand your brand presence and keep it top of mind.

In this way LinkedIn posts can play a key role in your LinkedIn content marketing, helping your brand to appear in the newsfeed of your followers on the business social network. By strategically using your words and images, your posts can become a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, drawing attention to your brand and helping to establish valuable relationships with you target market.

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