Writer’s Block: A strong case for denial

It’s just been one of those days. You’re tired, there’s still loads of work ahead and the pressure is mounting. And now you’ve been staring at your blank page for the last hour. At least! You’ve even gone to Google for inspiration. But it’s just not happening. No bright lights going off in your head and of course the deadline is approaching. Fast.

The best thing to do is to forget that there is a thing such as writer’s block. It is just your creative-self making itself heard for some good old time-out. (Great idea; it’s just a pity about the timing).

However, just in case you need that extra push to get you out of your writing funk, here are our 6 tips on breaking down that (dare we say it…) writer’s block (okay, we settled for lower case instead).

  1. Just start writing

Ignore how you’re feeling or thinking. Literally just start writing. Even if it is writing about the room that you’re in, or the view outside (or imaginary view outside if you’re stuck in an office without a window close to you.) You will be surprised at the result.

  1. Go for a walk

Get out of yourself. Take a total break. Go see the world outside – the sights, sounds of traffic, the feel of the breeze or the heat of the sun. Appreciate the beauty around you, whether you find yourself in nature, amongst people or even amongst concrete buildings. Just enjoy what is in your present experience.

  1. Listen to some music

Music stirs one’s emotions, which is the perfect precursor to breathing life into your creative side. You may like to try some classical music, or if that’s not quite your ‘thing’, then listen to music that has some meaning to you, reminding you of a particular time or person.

  1. Get into the habit

Routine is a good thing. It gets you to do the deed whether you feel like it or not. So, here’s the idea – make a specific time every day for writing and stick to it. No matter what.

  1. Resist temptation

Don’t judge what you’re writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. First attempts rarely are. And by the same token, resist the temptation to re-read and edit what you have already written. Your aim is to complete the article/book/page etc. Then, and only then, should you go back and edit where necessary.

  1. Free Writing

Ask yourself what you are thinking about at this moment. Whether it is good or bad, whether it makes you worried or just plain happy – write it all down. You’ll feel unburdened once you’re finished and best of all, you may just have some great material!

Whatever it is, go slowly. Put your focus on something else. Take a few deep breaths and know that it’ll pass. It always does.

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